The Best Of The ‘Fact-Checking Rap Lyrics’ Meme From The Hysterical Instagram Account

Very rarely do rap lyrics actually make any coherent sense. Oh sure, technically they’re getting across some sort of message about…I dunno, twerking or some other bullshit, but have you ever actually sat down and listened to any of the lyrics? They don’t make sense. I’m not talking about filler like “And man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers
And that pussy in my mouth had me loss for words” out of Lil Wayne, I’m talking more about…


And that’s how we’ve come to have Eman Hudson’s Instagram account, where the aspiring rapper calls out inanely stupid rap lyrics that actually don’t make any sense / intentionally disregard the laws of physics and basic common sense.


Indeed, Eman. Why would Nicki Minaj think rubbing her cooch all over the SIDE of someone’s head is a good idea? And just as everyone suspected, Kanye West does not know how to count.


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