Women Gets $35K In Settlement After Getting Scared And Falling Off Toilet

All this poor woman wanted to do was take a dump.

Isabela O’Sullivan, 61, was sitting on the toilet of her recently re-tiled bathroom when a tile fell, alarming her to the point that she fell forward onto the floor. O’Sullivan injured her right knee in the fall and says she was so badly hurt that she laid on the floor for several minutes before calling a friend for help.

O’Sullivan’s bathroom had to be redone because of a fire in her apartment. She sued because of the poor workmanship in her bathroom because tiles should just be falling for no reason.

A forensic engineer was brought in to investigate the work done at her home. He found “poor workmanship and that an improper adhesive was likely used.”

The judge ruled in favor of O’Sullivan to the tune of $35,000 and an additional $4,000 to have her bathroom tile replaced. She still can’t crap without thinking the tile is going to fall. She jumps off way too early now.

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