New Start Up Is Giving Normal People Shares Of Their Company And Paying Them For Posting On Social Media

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A staggering number of Americans waste a lot of their time on social media. It’s a concerning amount of time, really. But what else are we supposed to do? Actually pick our heads up and look where we’re walking or engage with other human beings? HELL NO. Fuck you for even suggesting that. I’ll keep my headphones firmly planted in my ears and my face affixed to my twitter feed, thank you very much. That little old lady being robbed needs to learn how to help herself, Darren Rovell just tweeted a disgusting new food item at a minor league ballpark and I MUST SEE IT NOW.

Anyway, if you have been on social media for years, you have probably seen thousands of sponsored or promoted posts. Company’s paying Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to put their shit right in front of your face even though you don’t follow them. It’s annoying, but how else will Zuckerberg be able to put food on the table for his family?

Well now you, the little guy, can actually make money from posting, because a new company called Fan Pay wants to pay you to tweet, post on Facebook, share to Instagram, etc. Hell, I think they will even pay you to Google+, although I don’t know why anyone would ever want to post on Google+.

According to Fan Pay’s founder, Paul Elliott

Essentially it is incentivized word of mouth marketing. A user can share concert tour dates, album releases or even that funny super bowl commercial they liked. A user can only share a specific ad once and get points based on how many followers or friends they have.

But wait, there’s more. They want to give you a piece of their company, too.

Right now we’re in our community building phase before we release the full functionality. We’re offering early adopters the opportunity to get vSHARES for referring people to sign up. A vSHARE is basically a virtual share into the company. You get 1 vSHARE for each person you refer and once we hit our goal of 100,000 users the shares are locked in. You can’t trade the vSHARES with anyone or sell them to anyone other than us. As our company grows in value you determine when you want it cash in your vSHARES. You can do it when we’re worth a Million dollars or wait until we’re worth a Billion dollars.

If my second grade reading comprehension skills read that correctly, you’re telling me that if people sign up for this and refer friends to sign up, they get shares of your company? Is that right? That can’t be right.

There is no mention of how vSHARES will be treated in the future or how you will be paid in the event the company sells for 100 billion dollars, but what is there to lose? I have no idea. Here is a hot girl standing in front of a green screen who can maybe explain it better. And here’s where you can sign up to become an ad selling tycoon or something.

[H/T Reader email via Fan Pay]

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