‘Far Cry Primal’ Review: Snag A Spear And Take A Step Back Into The Stone Age

Take a dive 12,000 years back into the ancient trenches of the Stone Age, and set forth in tattered remains, with staggered, muddied-down athleticism as Takkar the hunter who’s part of a fractured tribe called the Wenja to beat the newest installment in the ‘Far Cry’ franchise–‘Far Cry Primal.’

As the game’s protagonist, Takkar your main objective is to elevate yourself and the rest of the Wenja as the game-world Oros’ dominant tribe. Traveling ‘cross rolling lush green hillsides, lively forests inhabited by all manners of meat-loving fiendishly hungry beasts (queue the heart-stopping, enraged panther roar), and barren inhospitable ice wastelands you’ll come to find that Far Cry’s newest world Oros is one richly diversified and harshly unforgiving, which makes the game all the greater of a challenge.

Unfortunately the buck kind of stops there in terms of ‘good things’ and the reviews are rolling in hot off the wire for ‘Far Cry’s’ latest gaming installment; and honestly they’re not bubbling over with positive enthusiasm, despite my previous words of praise.

The biggest bone the critics seem to have to pick with ‘Far Cry Primal’ is the stories dual combo of alleged beast master Takkar not being able to tame and ride into battle with more than one animal, and also a feeling of aimlesslessness in the storyline. Specifically the whole bit about how you as Takkar are supposed to push back the two competing tribes– the cannibalistic Udam northerners, and the advanced, fire-savvy Izila from the south–and ultimately elevate your own tribe, the Wenja people, by defeating a couple undersold bosses. It seems the two boss encounters Takkar is slated to have with the Udam and Izila chief respectively, end up anticlimactic, button-mashing, just-kill-the-fucker kind of encounters with no satisfying last-minute plot twists. The game starts strong, and dwindles off to end on a purportedly weak note.

All harsh reviews and qualms aside, I’d recommend you give this game a run for yourself. We all know how misleading and unwarrantedly critical any highbrow gamer review can end up being. For all you know, ‘Far Cry Primal’s’ move to take the guns out the equation and throw you back deep into ancient times in a world populated by savage beasts and ruled by the Neanderthal with the sharpest spear, or most precise bow was exactly what you needed for your next enjoyable gaming experience. Check out the trailer below: