Girl Rips A Fart So Gross She Scares Her Little Brother, The Neighbors, Might’ve Contacted Aliens In Outer Space

Let’s be very honest here, if you keep on scrolling and hit play on the video down below you’re going to see a chick rip a fart so gross your life will never be the same. You clicked this article knowing what you were going to see, so I don’t want to hear any belly aching from you bros about ‘girls don’t fart’ and all that stuff.

Now as for why I’m posting this, here’s my rationale: I sat here wondering whether or not you bros really want to see a footage a girl ripping a fart that’s so gross she might’ve contacted alien life, and ultimately I came to the conclusion that this fart’s so over-the-goddamn-top that it must be seen by the masses.

Alright bros, I hope you’re ready to hear the fart that’s so nasty it might’ve just caused aliens on their way to Earth to hit the ‘ABORT’ button and turn the hell around:

That poor kid. He’s going to grow up thinking chicks all fart so hard they poop themselves, because all he knows is his sister’s raunch ass farts. I kind of feel badly for him. I want to reach out and tell him that’s not normal, male or female, nobody should be ripping farts that gross unless they’ve just come from the All You Can Eat Tex-Mex Buffet…it’s tragic.

[h/t r/videos]

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