Video Of Two Female Anchors Warring Over The Color Of A Shirt Demonstrates The Ugly Malice Of Toxic Femininity

by 3 years ago

When will women stop attacking other women? When will the spiteful rage of toxic femininity be extinguished? First, we learned that the majority of misogyny spewed online is done so by women. Now there is a disgusting video making the rounds of two female news anchors that exhibits the destructive nature of toxic femininity.

Australian newsreader Amber Sherlock attacks reporter Julie Snook for wearing the same color shirt as her during the Nine Network TV show “9 News Now.”



The fight is because Snook wore a white shirt, but Sherlock also wore a white shirt.

The fucking audacity.

Sherlock instructed Snook to wear a different color shirt two and a half hours before they went live on television. The awkward and explosive confrontation took place off the air, but was recorded for your entertainment.

But is there more to it? Is Sherlock pulling a power move and forcing Snook to cover up and wear a bulky jacket so she’s the only hot Aussie Sheila flaunting her figure on the air?

Is it annoying when you have a “Bitch Stole My Look” moment at work? Of course. But you push through and make the best of it like a goddamn professional.

So after reviewing the video, let’s play “Marry, Fuck, Kill.”

(I have an inkling this won’t end well for the poor woman on the right, but maybe she deserves some ridicule after she wrongly referred to Donald Trump as “Teflon Trump” instead of “Teflon Don.”)

Ladies, be better in 2017 to eradicate toxic femininity that plagues our society. And take care of yourselves and each other.


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