Female Cop Fired After Video Of Her Dancing Seductively Revealed

America, land of the free, where our police officers have the liberty of posting sexy selfies or making videos of their provocative dancing. We know that these titillating activities can get you in trouble in Mexico. It turns out that if you are a cop caught on video dancing seductively you can get canned in Russia as well.

A 26-year-old Russian police officer, who has only been identified as Kristina, was sacked from her job after a video of her sexy dance video was revealed. The Moscow Metro policewoman uploaded her flirtatious video on a private Facebook group for police, but the footage was sent to her superiors and eventually leaked to the public.

She begins the video by telling the camera, “Hi colleagues, I have decided to create a trade union, now watch me dancing.” She then begins to attempt her version of exotic dancing. It is said that the video took place in her home and it is speculated that Kristina was drunk when she performed on camera.

Kristina allegedly wrote a post on her Facebook venting her frustrations over her discharge:

“I was fired because of a violation of discipline. I posted the video in a private community on Facebook, all community members were police officers. There is nothing vulgar in the video.”

Kristina claimed that she took a drug test to prove that she wasn’t intoxicated and intends to file a legal complaint to get her job back.

First off, since when is it a problem to get drunk in Russia? They’re the 4th most drunk country on the planet. She should be promoted for not drinking while on the job and going on patrols in the police cruiser while she is plastered.

Secondly, she made this video off-duty, she wasn’t wearing her uniform or jamming her night stick where the sun don’t shine.

Lastly, this video wasn’t even sexy. She wasn’t naked, her outfit was rather tame and there wasn’t even a double dong. No offense to Kristina, but my 93-year-old nana could do a better job of gyrating than she did in this video.

I bet Vladimir Putin not only approves of this behavior, but also appoints Kristina as General of the Police of the Russian Federation.

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