The Female Version Of Dan Bilzerian Has Arrived And Her Instagram Is Equal Parts Hysterical And Terrifying

I say “equal parts” because this Instagram account is like a car crash – you don’t want to look at it, but you keep on peepin’ because you’re a shitty person who likes to look at awful things happening and be like “Well, at least that’s not me!” As for Aimee Davison’s attempt at recreating Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account, she didn’t do half bad of a job – aside from the fact that most of the dudes in her photos aren’t exactly “runway ready.” Bilzerian surrounds himself with models and beauty queens, whereas Davison looks like she rolled up to the food court at Costco and asked for volunteers.

Pro Tip: if the majority of your models spend their free time eating $1.50 hot dogs at Costco, you’re not exactly going to wind up with “quality” talent. Think Matt Keohan, but better. I’d imagine Matt goes to BJ’s for discounted mystery meats instead of Costco because he can’t afford the membership. Fucking peasant.

Editor’s Note: Although Matt doesn’t put as many meats in his mouth as Rebecca does, he is #TeamCostco. The sample selection is far superior and MILFs flood the aisles looking for two things: Lean Cuisines and young bucks to fuck. Odds are, he’s probably banged you mom on the giant trampoline in aisle 6. P.S. Rebecca has gout and moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. She is a walking plague and it’s fucking repulsive. P.P.S. This is Matt.

As for Aimee, here’s what she was trying to copy…

…and here’s what she managed to pull off:


For a more behind the scenes look at LOLPervs creating Bilzerian’s photos, check out their YouTube video below:

[H/T Buzzfeed]