There’s A 140-Foot Ski Ramp In Fenway Park And It Looks Absolutely Insane



Fenway Park might be the oldest baseball stadium in the country and home to the Boston Red Sox, but, for the next couple days, it’s the spot where skiers and snowboarders are soaring through the fucking air on a 140-foot ramp for the U.S. Grand Prix event.

And the thing is absolutely massive!

The ramp, which is taller than the light towers at the ballpark, is for the Big Air event going on at the ballpark Feb. 11 and 12, making it a historic event in a stadium that Babe Ruth fucking played baseball in once.

And to get an idea what it’s like coming down something that’s over 3.5 times higher than the legendary Green Monster, here are some videos of practice runs to feel the full effect.

That shit cray!


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