Is The Sound Of F-18 Fighter Jets Music To Your Ears? Then Watch This Video With The Volume Way Up…

A few years back, a fighter pilot buddy of mine described what it’s like to land on an aircraft carrier vs. a runway: “Imagine you’re throwing a fastball at a raft in the middle of a lake and just hoping it stops.” He continued. “Now imagine it at night, when you can’t see shit.”

The Navy recently uploaded this badass video of nighttime aircraft carrier operations on the USS Carl Vinson, which is deployed in the Arabian Gulf to support Operation Inherent Resolve and strike operations in Iraq and Syria. The video features F-18 Suprhornets SCREAMING as they take off from the aircraft carrier at night, along with the luminous glow of jet engines firing on all cylinders. It’s a beautiful experience for my freedom-loving eyes and ears. The sonic roar is like Beethoven and Kenny Loggins had a lovechild with Uncle Sam. It sends a chill down the spine.

Stay safe over there, all.

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