Today In Dumb Ways To Get Fired: Taking A Selfie With Aubrey Plaza’s Underwear

We’ve all heard about people getting fired from their jobs for silly reasons, but this guy on Reddit who claims he got fired for taking a selfie with Aubrey Plaza’s underwear might have just taken over the top spot on the leader-board of stupid ideas.

I work at a Macy’s warehouse. Normally I’m not a packer but it was a busy day for outbound so I was sent to the packing department. I was bored and started looking at the invoices seeing how much items costed, where people were buying stuff from, and ect. I noticed a package that was being shipped to a “Aubrey Plaza”. She was buying some clothes, panties, and a frying pan. I left my phone out in my car so I sat the package aside and waited until break. After heading to break I brought my phone back to take a selfie with the invoice/panties. So I held up real nice, was getting the camera ready. I manged to take the selfie and somebody saw me taking pictures of invoices and told on me. The manager and security came up and forced me to delete the picture and I was fired on the spot.

TL;DR Got fired for trying to take pictures of Aubrey Plaza’s underwear.

Of course the commenters were very sympathetic…

“Yeah if I found out someone took pictures of my panties like some trophy, I’d be too creeped out to order anything from them again. I’d also have to return the order because if someone is creepy enough to do that, what else might they have done to them?”

“….you really deserved that one. It’s gonna be hard to find another job if they contact Macy’s.”

and of course there was the all-important followup question…

“What kind of panties?”

Some people just know how to get to the heart of a matter, don’t they?

H/T Uproxx