Bro Gets Upgraded To First Class On Emirates And This $21,000 Airplane Seat Is The Nicest Place On Planet Earth

YouTuber Casey Neistat was flying from Dubai to NYC in Business Class on Emirates Air, which is already one of the most luxurious travel experiences known to man, but then he was upgraded to First Class. Emirates Air is world renowned for having the most luxurious First Class flying experience, amenities include a working hot shower 50,000 feet in the air and a 24/7 butler to bring you caviar and champagne whenever you want.

I have to imagine that Emirates Air or the person at the Emirates counter knew who this guy was. Casey Neistat has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and for lack of a better phrase he’s ‘YouTube famous’. They must’ve known that bumping him into First Class would lead to millions of people seeing just how disgustingly opulent and incredible their First Class cabin is.

I’ve stayed in some ridiculously nice hotels in my lifetime, hotels you’d likely see in a James Bond movie. I’m not trying to brag here at all, I’m just making a point: no hotel I’ve stayed at anywhere in the world even comes close to comparing to Emirates’ First Class cabin. The personal butler service is just amazing, having another person there to bring you anything you desire on a moment’s whim. Is it worth $21,000 for a single flight from Dubai to NYC? For me, absolutely not. But that money’s all relative. If I had $210,000,000 in the bank I wouldn’t think twice about dropping $21,000 on a flight that luxurious…What about you?

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