The Government Just Declared That Any Old Idiot Can Now Go Land On The Moon If They Want To

You wanna talk some overregulated government bullshit? The U.S. government says who can and can’t land on the moon. The fucking moon. You have to ask the U.S. government to land on the fucking moon.

Well, not anymore. Not anymore.

The FAA just approved the first ever commercial moon landing, by Moon Express.

And that fucking means, in my book, if the government says one person can land on the moon, then anyone can land on the fucking moon.

Declaring it legal, right fucking now.

Moon Express wants to land on the moon in 2017, becoming the first private-sector company ever to do so. But, like some mother fucking moon pansies, they asked for permission first. From Government Executive:

Space company Moon Express says it has received approval from the US government for a 2017 mission to become the first private firm to land on the moon.

The ruling, issued on July 20, is a watershed in commercial space. Never before has any company sought or received approval to do business beyond earth orbit.

Moon Express went to the Federal Aviation Administration’s commercial space office for help in April 2016. The agency led an intra-government process to figure out how to give “mission approval” without setting any kind of new precedent or moving too fast against international consensus.

The company and the FAA are trying to state that, right now, only Moon Express is allowed to go to the moon.

And, because of the government’s insistence that this approval process be considered “interim” until new commercial space legislation is enacted, Jain joked that “we now have exclusivity to go the moon!”

Ha ha ha well you fucked up FAA because you can’t tell me that Jeff Fuckdick, CEO of Moon Express, can land on the moon and I fucking can’t.

Suck a fucking shit ton of dicks. I’m going to the fucking moon.

Try and fucking stop me. Try and fucking stop any of us. What are you gonna do? Fucking send a spaceship up to arrest me? You can’t even get to the moon right now, mother fuckers. You need Russia’s help to get into low-orbit. Good fucking luck.

Eat my space dick, FAA. I’m gonna flash you my ass from Tranquility Base.

[Via Government Executive]