‘I Will Write Anything On My Boobs’ + 9 Other Things People Will Do For $5 on Fiverr

This will revolutionize your life if you have ever found yourself looking to call in a favor from a buddy and offered him 5 bucks for the service. Fiverr is an online classifieds page where people create a profile and offer services out to be done for $5 with options to do more for an increased price. While it may be entirely useful to pay some guy $5 to make your company's new logo, there are plenty of other (often-hillarious/occasionally useful) things you can get instead of a $5 Footlong.

Denisesmith Will Write Anything On Her Boobs for $5 – BUY & WATCH HERE

Now this is what I call a foolproof business strategy. There is absolutely no shortage of demand for a perfect pair of boobs to display a message and there is certainly an (unfortunate) shortage of supply. For just $5, Denisesmith's boobs are your canvas. For an nominal extra $10, she will send you 5-10 topless pics and write anything you want or if you got an extra $20 spot she will send you a video up to 3 min of herself topless and write anything you want or a video up to 1-minute of her topless plus 10 topless pics and write anything you want.

Mr. Marcus Will Juggle a CHAINSAW and 2 Knives (Yes, its running) for $5 – BUY & WATCH HERE

The professional street performer, busker and entertainer with over 1000 videos will juggle two knives and a chainsaw while reading a 15 word script in case you really need that. This gig can be combined with other Mr Marcus vid gigs like firework juggling and 10 ft unicycle and edited together.

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Anibalf Will Sing a Depressing Happy Birthday as a Mouse for $5 – BUY & WATCH HERE

If a family or loved one happens to be celebrating their birthday soon, allow Argentinian college professor Anibal serenade them with his depressing rendition of Happy Birthday dressed as a mouse for only $5! A gift everyone will love!

Asibi Will Make A Professional Logo For $5 – BUY & VIEW HERE

I know that when I was starting my website, one of the biggest issues in the early portions was that we didn't have a logo. Who wouldn't pay $5 for a professionally designed logo? Now maybe your KY Jellyfish Flag Football team can finally get those jerseys they were talking about for next year.

Techconsult Will Add You as My Boyfriend or GIRLFRIEND on Facebook As a Prank or Revenge for April Fools, Easter or Any Other Special Day or Holiday for $5 – BUY HERE

I'll let her do the talking:

Want to make the ex jealous? Cause a stir among your friends ? has your Facebook status been set at single for to long? Then I am your girl 😉 I will be your Girlfriend on Facebook for Valentine's Day, April Fool, Easter or any other special day or Holiday ! I will post on your wall and comment on your pictures 🙂

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Jerseyferretti Will Call Anyone You Want And Wish Them A Hilarious Happy Birthday Or Tell Them Whatever You Want as Christopher Walken – LISTEN & BUY HERE

For $5, the NYC actor and comedian will call anyone you want and speak to them as Christopher Walken within an average of 2 weeks. Although you have to pay extra for an mp3 recording of the call, having it done on a specific date, or at the time of order, I would say it's well worth the money. If you click through to the site and listen to the sample, he caters to the fact that the birthday boy loves the good herb and plays some Bob Marley in the background and pretends to put Snoop Dogg on the phone. Absolute gold.

Voiceactor Will Present A Press Conference for $5 – WATCH AND BUY HERE

 Should you ever need an unbelievably professional news conference attended by absolutely no one, this man will record the segment and make whatever it is that you have to say seem really official.

Sexysamantha Will Put Both Her Feet Behind Her Head and Say Anything You Want Her To, Promote You or Your Company While Speaking or Holding a Sign for $5. – BUY HERE

The talent is certainly there folks, if you happen to be in the market for a hot girl who can put her legs around her head this is your gal. She offers 2-3 sentences (max) to say whatever it is that you want her to “within reason, nothing perverted, no animal products, only companies that also provide vegetarian options. I can also add some humour.” Who doesn't want a $5 shout out from a ecologically friendly funny girl with her legs around her head?

I Will Have My Boy Ghetto SLIM Produce a Cool Message in English or Spanish for $5 – WATCH & BUY HERE

I never knew how badly I needed a puppetgram until I saw this ad for one. The man Ghetto SLIM will say your 30 second message in front of a green screen so that your slogan can get all sorts of swagged out for FIVE bucks.

Tashaluvsyou Will Add Your Text To This Picture of Obama Laughing for $5 – BUY HERE

Need to get your company/website/name/message in with Barry O? He may not actually be looking at the sign but there's a damn good possibility that someone might think he is!