How To Know Whether She’s Flirting With You Or Just Being Nice

Long story short: if you have to question it, she’s probably just being nice. Saying things like “Oh there’s a really nice bar around the corner” or “Are you shopping for yourself or two people?” are more casual conversation starters than they are “Drop yo pants and bang mehh” indicators, and if she’s handing out free samples of stuff on the street it’s her job to get you to indulge in whatever shit she’s peddling. Oh yeah, there’s another hint: if she’s selling things, she will probably say whatever it takes to make a sale, so use extra discretion if that’s the case.

On a semi-related note…why is she handing out what looks like sliced apples?

Everyone knows what apples taste like. Free food samples usually consist of manufactured shit like Pizza Rolls or Hot Pockets, aka food that not everyone and their mothers have eaten before. Apples don’t fall into that category.

No wonder she had to be extra nice to him, who wants a free apple slice?