Here’s How Florida Girls React To Seeing Snow Flurries For The First Time Ever

by 2 years ago

Facebook / ABC7

I’d just like to send a quick shoutout to that little tween at :04 who screams “I’M COLD, I’M GOING BACK INSIDE” and runs the hell out of there as if they were experiencing the actual blizzard that was pounding the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. These kids (and they genuinely look like kids) are straight up LOSING IT, and the remarkable thing is that at no point in this video was I even able to see the slightest hint of a snow flurry:

As someone who was born and raised in Florida I get this, I remember how exciting it was to see snow for the first time. Think about it, it’s a state without seasons. Sure, California doesn’t really have seasons either but at least parts of California get snow. Parts of Florida only get snow once in a blue moon. And chances are that if you live in Florida at least one of you parents works in the tourism/service industry, because the state makes all of its money by wringing cash from Northerners trying to escape the cold. So when you wonder ‘why don’t people from Florida just fly up North to go skiing?’ it’s likely because a) kids are in school and/or b) the parents have to work. (h/t ABC7 Sarasota Facebook)

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