Florida Cop Repeatedly Sucker Punching Woman In Handcuffs Will Make Your Blood Boil With Anger

A 26-year-old rookie cop with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been fired after gruesome footage emerged of him repeatedly punching a woman in the stomach, a woman whose hands were restrained behind her back in handcuffs.

In the footage above you see the woman appear to try and kick the officer (while wearing handcuffs) and 26-year-old Akinyemi Borisade responds by throwing her against the wall and repeatedly punching her in the general stomach, chest, throat, and face region.

Prior to this incident officer Akinyemi Borisade had been been a member of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for a year. As a result of the incident Akinyemi Borisade has been fired from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and he has been charged with battery for repeatedly punching the handcuffed and belligerent woman. I just want to thank whoever the fuck fired this crooked scumbag, just look at this once more in GIF and let it sink in what he did:

Officer Akinyemi Borisade and the other cops in the video responded to a call after the belligerent woman got into some sort of an altercation with her boss, she was a new employee at a restaurant.

I don’t know why I thought we could make it through a full week without some completely WTF news coming out of my home state of Florida, but this is some real WTFlorida shit that makes me hang my head in shame.

For more on this story you can click on over to FOX 43 and/or Jacksonville.com.