Screw Flowers; Send Your Valentine A ‘Star Wars’ Bouquet

ThinkGeek is straight slaying it with these Star Wars bouquets, and coming through in the clutch for all the lucky ones out there that have Star Wars crazed lovers in their lives. That’s the thing about Star Wars right now though; you just can’t get a enough of it.

Plus it turns out that the lead John Boyega (Finn) from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is a total homie. Yeezy’s on point:

What would you do?

Yeah I’d shit my pants and shatter glass with a scream like Jonah Hill in ‘Accepted.’

Anyways, as you prepare to at least buy yourself one of these, take note of your options: you could bank for the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper-themed “I Am Your Flower” bouquet, the R2-D2-lover’s “Beep Boop Bloom” bouquet and last but for sure not least, the variety-pack bouquet appropriately called “Blue Harvest”, and starring all the cool kids. Every bouquet comes packed tight ‘n cozy with nine characters.

I mean dude, this bouquet’s a nothing-but-net, double OT last second, fadeaway half-court shot kind of a miracle. Even if your valentine isn’t per say, into the whole Star Wars thing, I’m pretty sure they’re not about to turn down a damn stuffed animal.