This Is What Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bought His Son For His 15th Birthday

Being born into money, like REAL, “my daddy is U.S. Bates from The Toy-type money” has always appealed to me. I don’t know why that is… No, I do know why. It’s because A) I’m not insane and B) most rich kids always got baller ass shit for their birthdays and Christmas while the rest of society was stuck being happy that their parents didn’t get trampled to death on Christmas-eve in a last ditch effort to get them a goddamn Tickle Me Elmo.

Being super rich as a kid has it’s downfalls too, though. By the time you hit a certain age, you’ve already received every possible lavish gift your parents could give a teenager. That’s probably why Floyd Mayweather Jr’s son asked him for a Bentley golf cart for his 15th birthday. Too young for a car, too old for another Rolex. I kid.

In all honesty, a golf cart is a great idea. It’s like a Power Wheels for 12-15 year olds. And how else is young Mayweather supposed to get around the neighborhood? On a Huffy? Fuck that pauper bullshit. Team Money only travels in style.

Like a good father, Floyd Mayweather Jr came through and delivered a Bentley golf cart to his son on his birthday. My only question is why did he leave the divot repair bottles on the side? Are the Mayweather’s big time golf bros and we just don’t know it? I kind of hope so.