Kid Thought His Flying Kick Would End Fight, It Did, With Him Getting Absolutely Rekt

You know how you’ll get an epic idea and then you put that idea into fruition and it turns into an epic fail and the exact opposite of your expected result? Yeah, take that and multiply it by 100, add a bloody face, and you get this fight.

Right after the two fighters dance like spinning ballerinas, they get separated with some distance between them. You can see the “I’m going to end this fight with a devastating jump kick” look in the kid’s eyes. Then he charges towards his combatant, leaps into the air, extends his knee, annnnnnnnnnnd jumps right into a fucking right hook for the ages. The victor saw that the karate kicking kid opened himself up to be punched in the face so he wound up and popped him brutally.

You knew the kid expected his flying kick to end the fight, and it did, but with him getting absolutely murdered.

Talk about your all-time backfires.