Wife Spots Husband On TV With Side Piece At Football Game — When She Went To Stadium To Confront Them The REAL Action Started

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Chinese Soccer Fans


A football game seems like a pretty safe place to take a side piece. The chances of bumping into anyone you know, or who’d care you were cheating, are pretty damn slim. So this guy in Hong Kong took his mistress to a football game and told his wife he was going to meet up with friends.

He didn’t count on being on TV.

Oddly enough, his biggest mistake was not wearing a team jersey, which made him stick out like a sore (from banging another chick) thumb.

The pair did not wear football shirts like most fans, making them stand out when a camera turned to the audience. The man’s wife and mother-in-law saw the pair on TV and “immediately went to the stadium to capture the mistress,” according to Tencent News.

That’s right, she didn’t wait until he got home to lose her shit, she went down to the stadium to fight for her man! Or fight her man. A little of both.

The angry mother and daughter dragged the mistress out of the stadium by her hair, all the while cursing her. The dramatic scene drew dozens of onlookers who recorded the incident on their phones.

The three women later got into a taxi while the man disappeared, according to witnesses interviewed by Tencent News.

It is not uncommon in China for women to be publicly shamed after they are found to be dating married men, while the men stay largely unblamed. In the past, scorned wives had been known to verbally and physically abuse their husbands’ lovers in public.

A hundred yen says the guy snuck back inside to watch the rest of the game.

[via Hong Kong Free Press]

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