Forbes Released The 2015 List Of The ‘400 Wealthiest Americans’ So Get Ready To Feel Really, Really Poor

As they do every year Forbes Magazine just released the ‘Forbes 400’, their list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. This list includes names, how much money each person is estimated to have, and how that person made their fortune. The ‘Forbes 400’ is packed full of some familiar faces, from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos to Zuckerberg to Trump, you’ll recognize many of these titans of industry. But the further and further you scroll down ‘Forbes 400’ list the fewer household names appear and you begin to get a sense of how massive fortunes are being amassed across America (pharmaceuticals, investments, etc).

There’s some fun sorting options this year on the ‘Forbes 400‘ that allow you to sort by age, industry, and individual states. The two youngest billionaires on the ‘Forbes 400’ are none other than Evan Spiegel ($2.1 B) and Bobby Murphy ($1.8 B), the co-founders of Snapchat. The oldest member of the ‘Forbes 400’ carries one of the most iconic names in America, a name that you really don’t hear about anymore except when it comes to lists like this: David Rockefeller, Sr. ($3 billion).

This year’s list includes 25 newcomers. And before we get to the top 25 I’d just like to point out that once again the wealthiest women in America are members of the Walton Family, the majority shareholders in Walmart.

You can follow any of those links above to see the full ‘Forbes 400′ list, but for now here’s a look at the top 25:

The ‘Forbes 400’ Top 25

#1: Bill Gates, $76 Billion, Microsoft
#2: Warren Buffett, $62 Billion, Berkshire Hathaway
#3: Larry Ellison, $47.5 Billion, Oracle
#4: Jeff Bezos, $47 Billion,
#5: Charles Koch, $41 Billion, diversified
#5: David Koch, $41 Billion, diversified
#7: Mark Zuckerberg, $40.3 Billion, Facebook
#8: Michael Bloomberg, $38.6 Billion, Bloomberg LP
#9: Jim Walton, $33.7 Billion, Wal-Mart
#10: Larry Page, $33.3 Billion, Google
#11: Sergey Brin, $32.6 Billion, Google
#12: Alice Walton, $32 Billion, Wal-Mart
#13: S. Robson Walton, $31.7 Billion, Wal-Mart
#14: Christy Walton, $30.2 Billion, Wal-Mart
#15: Sheldon Adelson, $26 Billion, casinos
#16: George Soros ,$24.5 Billion, hedge funds
#17: Phil Knight, $24.4 Billion, Nike
#18: Forrest Mars, Jr., $23.4 Billion, candy
#18: Jacqueline Mars, $23.4 Billion, candy
#18: John Mars, $23.4 Billion, candy
#21: Steve Ballmer, $21.6 Billion, Microsoft
#22: Carl Icahn, $20.5 Billion, investments
#23: Michael Dell, $19.1 Billion, Dell
#23: Laurene Powell Jobs, $19.1 Billion, Apple, Disney
#25: Anne Cox Chambers, $18 Billion, media

One man notably missing from the list is Tony Stark, America’s favorite billionaire philanthropist: