This Extremely Hot Former ‘Amazing Race’ Contestant Started A High-End Marijuana Box Company

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Unless you follow her on Instagram or fancy yourself a rabid Amazing Race fan, there’s a good chance you’re not familiar with Jessica VerSteeg. She’s a former Miss Iowa and Amazing Race competitor who is venturing into the ganjapreneur space with high-end marijuana subscription boxes.

But first, how about an assortment of selfies?

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She is the founder of The AuBox, a “high-end” marijuana product subscription box service for people living in states where ganja is legal. Here’s what’s inside, according to Forbes:

VerSteeg bills it as the gold standard in luxury marijuana. Using the chemical symbol for gold, Au is emblazoned on a high-end black box stuffed with products that are all beautifully packaged themselves. The AuBoxes can be tailored to men or women and can contain a variety of items such as Dark Heart Alchemy vaporizer blends, THC-infused coffee from Pot-O-Coffee , 24 carat gold rolling papers, edibles like Mellows, THC-infused handcrafted marshmallows and pre-rolled joints or marijuana buds. The men’s box, for example, might have condoms, while the ladies box could contain cannabis infused body butter.

A one-month trial is $150, which drops to $135 for three months and $120 for six months. It discounts down to $100 for a one-year subscription. Purchases before Jan. 1 must use bitcoins, but regular currency is accepted in the new year. It’s a pretty impressive presentation and sure to please with its attention to detail and quality curation.

Go read more about it over at Forbes and check out The AuBox right here.

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