Foul-Mouthed Anchor A.J. Clemente is Now a Bartender in Dewey Beach

A.J. Clemente, who authored perhaps the most viral news blooper in history, is no longer in the news business. And if you visit Que Pasa in Dewey Beach, you might have a chance to ask him all about his sudden infamy.

Clemente, 24, is now working his third summer at Que Pasa, pouring drinks and fielding questions about his first on-air appearance as a news anchor, when technical difficulties caught the news team off-guard and resulted in some equally off-color remarks in the first moments of his career as an anchorman.

After the “fucking shit” incident, Clemente appeared on virtually every television program to explain what happened. When interest finally dried up, he came to the realization he needed a new way to make money.

So go see him, Bros. And tip generously. It’s tough to see one’s 15 minutes of fame in the rearview window.

[H/T: Cape Gazette]