Check Out The French Beauty Queen Whose Title Was Revoked After People Found This Topless Photo Of Her Online

Eugénie Journée is a 23-year-old law student who won the title “Miss Brittany” this past Saturday…until pageant organizers found that she’d posted a topless photo of herself onto her Facebook page. Apparently the French frown upon nudity (literally what) and the photo’s discovery led to Journée’s title being revoked and the title being passed onto the runner-up. According to Daily Mail,

The picture does not reveal her breasts but organisers said nude photos are banned and that the picture ‘breached the professional code of ethics,’ according to newspaper 20 Minutes.

… Miss France director Sylvie defended the decision, telling Metronews: ‘The problem isn’t whether the photos are shocking or artistic. It’s the act of going nude that we punish.

‘It’s a shame because she is very pretty. She was one of my favourites,’ Tellier added.

Gee whiz, thanks. “You’re really pretty and all but we can’t have your tits flyin’ around all over the stage so we’re gonna take your title away and tell you to fuck off. Oh, but here’s a free shirt — tame those titties gurl.”

As for the offending photo in question…it’s not even that bad:

Yup, THAT’S what got her banned. Good job France, I didn’t know it was humanly possible to be this lame. Over here Donald Trump’s wife has nudes running around and there’s a possibility (albeit a .0002% chance) she could be the first lady. Blegh.

Journée, however, is taking the whole thing in stride, and used Twitter to tell her fans that while she appreciates everyone’s continued support, she considers this chapter of her life to be officially closed.

[H/T Daily Mail]