Police Need Your Help To Identify This Man Who Jumped Through A Drive-Thru Window To Steal Fried Chicken

Do you know the fried chicken man? The man who was so desperate for fried chicken that he jumped through a drive-thru window to try and steal it? If you know the chicken man, police need your help!

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida (it’s ALWAYS Florida) have released footage of a man jumping through the drive-thru window of a Church’s Fried Chicken and stole a ‘case’ of fried chicken. Now I’ve never been one to measure my fried birds in ‘cases’, but presumably that’s the amount of fried chicken that fits in the biggest container at Church’s Fried Chicken.

Here’s the video of the Fried Chicken Man (apologies for it being auto-play, I can’t believe it’s 2015 and people still think auto-play videos are acceptable on web pages):

So, bros, do you know the chicken man? Any leads for the St. Pete Police Department? If so here’s some more info on how you can help close the case of the century:

The thief slips through the window, hops to the floor, grabs a case of chicken, then slips right back out again, all in less than a minute.

Surveillance footage shows him entering the Church’s Fried Chicken at 22nd Avenue and 34th Street S shortly before 4 a.m. Thursday. He wears a white cap and blue shirt, but his face is mostly obscured.

Police are asking for the public’s help identifying him, and urged anyone with information to call a detective at (727) 893-4272.

If you know anything be sure to chirp at the St. Pete PD using the number above, or feel free to leave comments below and we’ll relay your most important messages.

P.s., is it wrong that I watched that video like 15 times?!?

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