VIDEO: Friends Give Their Best Bud A Standing Ovation After He Loses His Virginity At A Brothel



I am pro-prostitution. I completely believe that a lot of the rage that young men develop and hold close to their heart for the rest of their days comes from not cumming. When men jizz they don’t have all this pent-up fury building inside. Many men have the personality of a trout so women are unwilling to accept their advances. I feel like tiny-dicked shitwads who treat women like human garbage or are abusive to them are reflecting some old heartbreaking rejection by a female and are not getting laid. Prostitution allows men to get the poison out. As an added bonus, brothels prevent young males from going on mass shootings because they want to have the sweet, sweet feeling of busting a nut in the company of a woman over and over again.

I’m not saying this particular gentleman was on a path to becoming a mass murderer. He seems like a rather gleeful chap, and that is because he just lost his virginity. By a woman he just met. At a brothel. In Amsterdam. Such a touching story.

However he is not alone, his close and supportive friends were there to cheer him on. When the former virgin walked out of the brother he received a hearty and raucous standing ovation from his pals. Know how I know that these are good friends of his? Because one dickhole uses his stopwatch to time how fast his eager chum blew his first load. You don’t do that to just some dude who is an acquaintance, you only embarrass someone who you truly care for in that manner. His time was 11 minutes and 51 seconds, and eleven minutes of that was small talk and getting undressed.

Congratulations good sir, hopefully this gives you the confidence to approach more women and have many more mind-blowing orgasms.