Frightening Video Surfaces of Teenager on Bath Salts

It all started when Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old Floridian—because horrifying national trends always start in Florida—attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, leaving the elderly man with a face “75-80 percent” gone. It was widely speculated that bath salts played a factor, and millions of funny, then shitty, “zombie apocalypse” jokes were made. Then a Baltimore man ate a human being's brains and heart, and a New Jersey resident actually committed Seppuku and threw his intestines at police officers. Congress and President Obama soon signed legislation banning bath salts' sale. But it didn't stop Louisana man, under the influence, from biting the face of his friend. And a New Haven wig shop owner was attacked by a couple of biters. And a man bit his dog. Poor dog.

As the weather cooled and the crazies went back to their underground homes, the summer of bath salts found its end. But THIS WAS IMPORTANT. We must never forget the 2012 Summer of Bathsalts. It taught us the educational value of the Walking Dead, the dangerous ripple effect of copycat biters, and, of course, the pyschic damage that comes with ingesting things that belong in a bathtub. And while the teenager in the video above never got that memo, we have. Adios, bath salts. We eagerly await your horrible replacement.