A Cersei-Approved ‘Game of Thrones’ Line Of Wine Is Coming Out Because People Will Buy Anything ‘GOT’ Related

Because companies finally realized that people will buy anything with the words Game of Thrones attached to it, they’ve now expanded into the alcohol market with the “Wines of Westeros” line of wine. Yes, for everyone out there who watched each episode not giving a shit about how everyone dies and instead thought to themselves “Man, I could go for a glass of wine right now, kinda like what Cersei’s drinking,” you’re in luck.

” ‘The reds are all associated with the houses that are headstrong and robust. The whites, on the other hand, are more cunning, perceptive and mysterious,’ said Jane Burhop of Common Ventures, the Australian agency behind the wines.

Houses Arryn, Greyjoy and Stark are sauvignon blancs, as are the White Walker and Wildling bottles. The Lannister and Baratheon families are pinot noirs, while fellow power-hungry houses Tyrell and Martell are a chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon respectively. The fearsome Dothraki tribes are a merlot, while the Night’s Watch and House Targaryen are represented by shiraz.”

Via The Guardian

I’ll admit my consumption of wine is limited to chugging Franzia out of a bag (pinky up though, of course), so I have no frickin’ clue what a “shiraz” or “sauvignon” are. All I DO know, is that at only $20 a bottle my Sunday nights during Game of Thrones season 5 are about to get turnt.