Gary Johnson Suffers Another ‘Aleppo Moment’ When He Has A Giant Brain Fart On Live TV After Asked Simple Question

I like Gary Johnson. I really do. He’s climbed Mount Everest. He’s a successful businessman. He’s competed in the Ironman World Championship. At 52-years-old the dude was paragliding. He’s for the legalization of marijuana. But Gary, you’ve got to be able to answer elementary questions if you want to be President of the United States. Gary could not.

The Libertarian presidential candidate was asked a simple question by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. A question so uncomplicated that everyone in the general public should be able to answer easily.

The question was, “Who’s your favorite foreign leader?”

Gary repeated the question as one who does not have an answer tends to do in an attempt to buy more time.

Matthews saw that the candidate didn’t have an answer so he helped him out by elaborating the question and giving him some clues.

“Anywhere. Any continent. Canada, Mexico, Europe, over there, Asia, South America, Africa: Name a foreign leader that you respect,” Matthews said.

“Mine was Shimon Peres,” Gary’s running mate and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld chimed in to help the blundering Johnson. Which is kind of cheating because Perez just died a day earlier was all over the news and fresh in the minds and hearts of many. Matthews clarified that the person must be living.

Johnson finally spoke, but could only muster, “I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment.”

How about Francois Hollande?

Gary is referring to his infamous flub when he did not know what “Aleppo” was.

Aleppo of course, is the largest city in Syria that has been devastated by the country’s civil war. To be fair, Gary thought Aleppo was some kind of acronym, and if he was asked about “Aleppo, Syria” he said he would have known what it was.

Back to the most recent Gary Johnson brain fart. Johnson continued to stumble over the question.

Hint, Angela Merkel.

“But I’m giving you the whole world,” Matthews said. “Anybody in the world you like. Anybody. Pick any leader.”

It took an excruciating 34 seconds for Johnson to come up with the vague answer of “The former president of Mexico.” He even didn’t have an answer as to which former president of Mexico. “I’m having a brain freeze,” Johnson responded.

Gary, say Shinzo Abe.

Weld bailed out Johnson by naming recent Mexican presidents.

“Fox! Thank you!” Johnson finally said referring to former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

For fuck’s sake Gary, just look to the north and say Justin Trudeau.

All you had to do was mutter any of those names above and not say Kim Jong-un.

Maybe we shouldn’t have a president who smokes weed.