Gary Johnson’s Super PAC Has Been Spending Crazy Sums Of Money On Dank Memes Because LOLOLOL Politics

Ever since the 2016 Presidential Election race narrowed to just the two major party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, all of the political outsiders and disenfranchised Bernie Bots seem to have flocked to Gary Johnson. He’s the Libertarian Party candidate (which means he’ll get about 3% of the vote). Gary’s firmly against the failed War on Drugs. He was a SAE at the University of New Mexico before making a fortune with his business Big J Enterprises. And lastly, a Gary Johnson SuperPAC, AlternativePAC, has been spending tens of thousands of dollars on the dankest of Internet memes during the 2016 Presidential Election because it’s 2016 and nothing’s worth doing unless there are memes involved. That’s right, $30k on memes so dank they could melt steel beams.

via Gawker:

According to a new FEC filing, AlternativePAC, a super PAC formed by small government activist Matt Kibbe, spent $30,000 this week on “internet web memes” supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.
In June, the owner of libertarian tomato processing company Morning Star donated half a million dollars to AlternativePAC, but Sunday’s meme buy appears to be the super PAC’s first significant expenditure since Kibbe announced its creation earlier this year.

I guess we can immediately conclude that Bryce Harper won’t be voting for Gary Johnson:

A quick perusal of ‘Gary Johnson memes’ on the Internet is proof that the AlternativePAC should immediately be shut down because they fucking suck at spending money. 99.99% of the Gary Johnson memes I found were complete shitposts, things you’d expect your senile aunt to share on Facebook, with the only exceptions being dick jokes about Gary’s last name and even then these aren’t good:

There’s also this. Yes, this is an actual meme that someone took the time to make, and maybe that someone even got paid $30k to make it:

The super PAC’s very first ‘significant expenditure’ was dropping tens of thousands of dollars on having memes made. Just let that sink in. Someone somewhere thought that the road to the White House was paved with the dankest of memes, which it very well may be, but this was where they decided to start spending money instead of running commercials or getting signs out on the streets.

For more on these rare pepes and other dank memes just CLICK ON OVER to Gawker and read up on the full story!

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