How Uncomfortable Is George W. Bush Dancing At The Memorial Service For Murdered Dallas Cops?

Remember the George W years? Those were some good times for quotable comedy in the White House. Yesterday George W. Bush — good ole’ #43 as I call him — attended a memorial service in Dallas for five police officers who were murdered during a protest. He delivered some poignant remarks at the service that will stick with you…

But then when a Dallas-area choir started singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, ole #43 started…. Dancing?

Given the circumstances of such a solem event, it’s easily the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever watched.

Laura looks like she wants to knee him in the balls. Michelle is doing the polite smile thing. Obama can’t believe he’s presidential fraternity brothers with a guy who is practically dancing during a memorial for five police officers.

Let’s zoom in…

Obama is on the verge of busting out in tears laughing at George W’s shenanigans. These two are going to have so much fun together when Obama is out of office in January.

It’s probably going to look like this:

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