George W. Bush Tipped A Waitress Nearly 200% And Her Tweet About It Is Going Viral

Say what you want about George W. Bush, he was a man of the people. Over the weekend good ole #43 pulled a Bro move on a waitress named Leisa, leaving a $40 tip on his $21.47 bill, according to Mic. Her tweet about it is outstanding:

Leisa told Mic that GWB was “the sweetest person [she] ever met” and referring to everyone in the restaurant as “baby.” No details about what he and Laura ordered.

And her Loose Change/Bush Did 911 joke? Just a little bit of lighthearted comedy in jest. In case your skin is too thin to get the joke, she explained herself on Twitter:

A 200% tip is pretty generous coming from an ex-President with an estimated net worth around $20 million. $20 mil actually seems low considering how he once owned a piece of the Texas Rangers. But we’ll let it slide.

I wonder if Ted Cruz has ever left such a generous tip? He doesn’t seem like the tipping type. Gives a real “Mr. Pink” type of vibe:

Maybe… Just maybe… given the rhetoric of the 2016 GOP, we need more George W. Bushs in the world.

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