You Would Have To Be Out Of Your Goddamn Mind To Go Down This Gigantic Slide Of Death

Anytime a slide is higher than one that is attached to a backyard swing set, there needs to be something to land in. Preferably the something won’t leave you or your loved ones with a bruised tailbone or a ruptured asshole (not even sure what that consists of, but it sounds terrible, doesn’t it?). Water is the best “something” to achieve such results. Whatever it is that lies at the end of this slide-o-death…not so much.

Thing is, it doesn’t even look like there was a plan for water or anything at the bottom of this slide. Did the makers just not realize that sending folks down a 1000ft slide onto pavement was a shitty idea?

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.