Girl 90 Days Free Of Meth Goes From Trailer Park Queen To Straight Up Hottie…Meth, Not Even Once

Yesterday here on BroBible we shared a ‘one year free of meth‘ set of photos that showed some dude go from looking like an extra on The Walking Dead to an actual happy, normal looking member of society. That picture was originally shared over on Reddit, and in response to the original photo a smokeshow came forward to share her before/after meth pics.

The transition shows a girl who went from being Queen of the Trailer Park to a genuine ‘Girl Next Door’. I gotta say though, even when she was on meth she’s one of the hottest meth heads we’ve ever seen. Sure, she looks a lot better post-meth and 90 days clean, but all things considered she was one damn hot meth head, and she was certainly giving all meth heads a better name:

via Metro UK:

The photograph was uploaded to social media site Reddit by user ‘Wormguy666’ who claims the unnamed woman in the image is his sister.
Talking about her behaviour while on meth, he described how her sweet nature changed to become ‘horrible, self-centred, mean [and] cruel’.
He said: ‘They say and do things that you can’t even believe. My sister would lie, steal from us, take advantage of us, she’d do anything to get a fix. She obviously regrets it all now, but she was honestly in the position to get help. We had no way to force it on her. I think getting busted helped a bit.’

Now let’s take a look at what meth can do to your body if you’re not careful?



"Meth, before and after"

George Takei, Facebook



Say it with me ‘Not. Even. Once.’