Girl Beats Her Boyfriend With His Xbox After Throwing It At His Face During An Argument

You really have to feel for the dude in this awful story out of Austin, Texas: Not only is his relationship over because his girlfriend is clearly crazy, but his Xbox is most likely past the point of repair.

On Saturday the couple of two years got in an argument before noon and “began throwing things.” The girlfriend, 29-year old Ashleigh Harris, threatened to break her boyfriend’s Xbox and then proceeded to throw it at his face. Apparently it decked him in the chin, too, since Austin police reportedly found the man bleeding from the chin when they arrived.

Here’s the police report, via

This sounds like a bad situation. Beyond toxic — just straight up dangerous. Let’s hope this Bro is being smart and taking this incident to heart, ditching this chick forever. Happy couples don’t throw video game systems at each other.

Clearly wasn’t meant to be, dude.

[H/T: Marty Beckerman]

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