Hot Girl Claims Tinder Guy Told Her She’d Look ‘So Pretty If You Were Whiter,’ Response Blows Him Out Of The Water

There are so many ways to get attention on the Internet these days that it’s almost too easy to go viral. In fact, if I had to break down “going viral” into an easy step-by-step process, it would look something like this:

  1. Are you overweight? Take pictures of yourself in lingerie and talk about how you’re “proud of your body.”
  2. Are you single and suck at dating? Make up a text conversation where the other person shits on you for something stupid, like not finishing your food or not knowing how to burp the alphabet.
  3. Are you a minority? Fake like someone said something racially insensitive to you and then come up with a witty response.

Or, if you’re Takara Allen, you can combine number two AND three to go viral with this story:

A young woman has publicly blasted a Tinder date who suggested she bleach her skin to make herself more attractive.
Takara Allen, 22, shared the post on Facebook this week, adding a screenshot of the offensive message along with her fiery retort.
The make-up artist, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, says she was left ‘devastated’ after being told she would look so much prettier if she was whiter.

Okay, that happened. Because that’s totally something that people say: “You know what would make you prettier? If you had no legs. Go chop them off and get back to me, will ya?” Even the most socially inept person in the world wouldn’t come up with that as pickup line.

As for her response…still fake. Fake. Fake fake fake fake faker fakerson fakingbomb:

And if that doesn’t convince you that this whole thing was made up solely for attention, look at Takara’s Instagram. She’s got an email dedicated to “business inquiries” along with 28.1K followers…yeah. She’s cruisin’ for Internet points:

People are so gullible.

[H/T Daily Mail]