If A Girl Ever Does This To You At A Club, Beware That She Might’ve Seen This Video And Just Wants You To Piss Off

When it comes to rejection some girls try to be nice whereas others are raging bitches about it. Me? I fall into the latter category – some guy comes up and offers to buy me a drink, I say “No, I’m a recovering alcoholic please leave me alone.” Lady at the checkout asks if I’d like to sign up for a store credit card in order to save 10%? “Nope, I want to pay FULL PRICE TODAY.” Sometimes I get a laugh, sometimes I get a glare – but either way I get to go about my day not being bothered by some random dude at the bar I don’t want to talk to and not having to deal with yet another opened credit card under my name.

As for the girl in this video? She came up with a nice, albeit disingenuous way to tell men to “fuck off” while out with friends:

If you catch a girl doing this, fake your own version of sign language back at her to see how she responds. If she stares at you blankly, you’ve caught her in her lie – if she looks at you funny and signs back at you, congratulations! You now look like a douche for faking sign language. Don’t worry though – chances are she wouldn’t have slept with you anyway if she turned around mid-dance to sign at you.

[Via Imgur]