Girl Walks Around New York City With A Hidden Camera To Show How Many Times She Gets Cat-Called

by 5 years ago
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It’s pretty insane how some of the men (…but not all men!) in New York City behave towards women when they walk the streets. Every couple of steps a creepy dude will say something demeaning like “damnnnnn!” or “why you not smiling, beautiful!” I’ve seen it in person with female friends. Hell, I witness it nearly every day walking into work through Soho, the East Village, and the Nolita, where a lot of this video was filmed. No wonder girls walk around with earbuds stuffed in their ears and music cranked up to drown out the outside world.

The harassment nonprofit Hollaback! — whose goal is to end street harassment — illustrated just how hostile the streets of NYC can be to women by recruiting actress Shoshana B. Roberts to walk around the city by herself. She strolled around for 10 hours, resulting in being catcalled over 100 times by all sorts of creepy dudes. A couple of times she’s straight up aggressively harassed. It’s definitely an alarming video.

If you act like this to female strangers on the street because it’s you think (a. chicks like it and (b. it is your twisted version of acting like an alpha male, realize you look like a predatory douchebag. For the love of everything sacred, stop this shit, men.