Girl Posts Epic Breakup Story On Adele’s Facebook That Involves Peeing Her Pants And Puking On Herself

Not liking Adele is basically a war crime at this point; you can’t just up and say “I think ‘Hello’ was a dreary piece of musical afterbirth and I hit ‘skip’ every time it comes on shuffle” unless you want to get stabbed that night. Some people love Adele because of how down-to-earth she is, whereas most people like her because the music she puts out gives you an excuse to sit and cry in your underwear on a rainy day regardless of whether or not your life is crap.

For “Stephanie,” it appears she likes Adele for the latter. You see Stephanie just went through a rough breakup with her “2 timing, lying, cheating dirt bag of a fiancée” and wound up listening to some Adele while hammered. Deciding that her story was worthy of Madam Adele herself reading it, she posted the following on her Facebook page:

As for the comments, just about everyone’s been through a shittastic breakup and could directly relate to her story:

Whether or not Adele actually read Stephanie’s story remains unknown, but if she did let’s hope she was able to get past the part where she pissed herself and tracked dog shit through her house.

Rough life, Steph.

[H/T Elite Daily]