Girl Posts Photo With Boyfriend On Facebook, Ex’s Grandma Writes WTF Comments On How She ‘Cheated’ On Him

Leave it to your grandparents to embarrass you not only in real life, but online too. First off, Grandma shouldn’t even have a Facebook account – woman keeps asking you how to “Delete The Google” off her desktop and has been using Internet Explorer 2001 for the past five years. Like adding Facebook into that mix would be a good idea, unless you enjoy incessant phone calls where she always asks you to remind her how to login, how to change her profile photo, what year is it, why you don’t visit her anymore, etc. You’re both better off with her not having one, particularly if she’s a sassy old broad who likes to call out your ex-girlfriends for cheating on you…except OOPS! You were the one cheating and now grandma looks like she fights your online battles for your, in-between her soaps and infomercial marathons, of course:

[Via Imgur]