Girl Gets Ripped Apart On Facebook For Posting GoFundMe To Pay Gym Parking Ticket Because ‘Yesterday Was Leg Day’

Clearly the people whining about this chick’s GoFundMe have never experienced the pain that a good and thorough leg day brings you the day after (and even the day after that), otherwise they’d shut up and donate to help pay for her parking ticket.

Granted, this whole thing reeks of entitlement so I can see why people were put off – one summer in college I had to get a third job just to pay for all the tickets I’d incurred, and yet I don’t recall ever begging people for donations so my dumbass could go and park anywhere it wanted.

“Poor” Bethy…and yes, that pun was intentional:

Seeing that people began whipping themselves up into a faux-outrage fervor over her GoFundMe, Bethy now decides to claim the whole thing is a joke. Is it a joke? Or is Bethy a cheap fuck? #Mysteries!

So how much did Bethy wind up with in the end? Zilch, but if comments could be cashed in for gold she’d be rich as hell:

[Via Imgur]