12-Year-Old Girl Suspended From School For Selling ‘Sex Toys,’ But They Aren’t At All

A 6th-grade girl was just trying to make a buck and help autistic students when she began selling “water snake wigglies.” However, extremely prude and super sensitive school officials suspended the girl because they thought the innocent squeezable tubes were “sex toys.”

We take you to Racine, Wisconsin where 12-year-old Frances Habeck was suspended for three days from Trinity Lutheran School for selling water-filled bags after her principal accused her of selling sex toys.

The New York Daily News has the details:

After getting permission from her homeroom teacher, the 12-year-old began selling them at the school after reading online they’re good for children with autism, she told local NBC affiliate TMJ.

But the school’s principal allegedly pulled her out of a basketball game to yell at her for selling what she said were sex toys.

“I just learned something I shouldn’t have,” she told the news channel.

So this was so such a pressing issue that the teacher interrupted a high school basketball game?

When she got home, Frances told her father, Milt Habeck about the incident.

“It’s nuts because she’s an adult,” Milt said of the principal. “She should know better. She should know that this has nothing to do with sex.”

No word on if the principal confiscated the “sex toys.”

Trinity Lutheran’s pastor David Gehne said the school board reviewed the matter and agreed that the tubes filled with water were fuck toys.

So is this a sex toy for a male or female? I don’t even know how this works. If it’s for a female, it seems way too much like a wet noodle to accomplish anything. If it’s for a male, then how do you fuck it?

Technically, anything could be a sex toy if you’re brave enough. So I guess that means that you have to suspend every student, teacher, and principal.