Girl Goes Completely Mental On A Wrong Number Text Because She Thinks It’s A Guy Who Ghosted Her

Wrong number texts are the best. Especially when things go sideways either by accident or on purpose.

For instance… the set of texts you see below are an example of what happens when it’s by accident. Oh, and the person sending the wrong number text is completely fucking clueless.

For you see, the girl who sent the wrong number texts thinks she’s chatting with a guy who ghosted her at some point in the past.

Naturally, after figuring out that she had no idea who she was talking he decided to play along.

That’s when things went south and fast.

She does sound like she might be fun to party with so maybe this guy should have gotten her number. Oh yeah, he already has it. Eh, it’s probably for the best if they don’t actually meet.

H/T Elite Daily

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