This Girl Can’t Really Think A Preposterous Shirt Can Prevent Her Boyfriend From Cheating Can She?

Ladies can get possessive of a man and go to extremes to try to prevent other suitors from trying to get intimate with their beau. However, this girlfriend appears to have gone off the goddamn deep end to safeguard against her boyfriend committing acts of infidelity.

Apparently, she purchased a T-shirt with not one but, three pics of her face all over the shirt. Then it also has text that reads, “IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.” Which translated to guy-speak means “IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE LOOKING AT A MAN WHO NO LONGER POSSESSES HIS GENITALIA.”

Now there is a good chance that this is nothing more than a troll job, but I also think that the idea was born out of insecurity and was proposed as a fake joke. I have a sneaky suspicion that the girlfriend pitched this shirt as the following, “Let’s get you a shirt with my face plastered all over it, and it tells everyone that you have a girlfriend. You know, like as a joke.” Then they get the shirt, he puts it on for the photo, everyone laughs, they put it on Imgur and it gets over 1.5 million views.

Then a few days later he tells his chick that he’s going out with his friends to the bar and she says, “Okay sweetie, have fun! Hey why don’t you ever wear that goof shirt we got for you with my face on it? Like we paid $26.78 to get that shirt made, I feel like you should get your money’s worth of it. Why not start wearing it tonight? Here, I even ironed it so you could wear it in public.”

Of course, this method of ensuring fidelity doesn’t seem to be exactly foolproof considering he could just change his shirt. Even if she took away all his shirts except for this one shirt, he could easily wear it inside out. Maybe find other ways to have a meaningful relationship without going to these crazy extremes… like maybe just be honest with each other and don’t date or marry someone who you don’t want to be with. Or at least get creative and sign your man’s dick whenever he goes out to ensure that he doesn’t bang other broads like this lady did.