Girlfriend Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Sexting His Ex, Girlfriend Tweets What Happened Next

A college girl found out her boyfriend was stepping out on her via some naughty sexting to his ex. The ex then sent AshleyOhhhhh here screenshots of said texts. Because revenge is a dish best served cold, his girlfriend decided to surprised him with printed out versions of the sexts and hand deliver them to him at a gas station. Because simply breaking up was too easy, she then proceeded to awesomely shame his scumbag ways for the entire Internet’s enjoyment on Twitter. Here’s the saga, as it unfolded on AshleyOhhhhh‘s Twitter account:



Here’s the first text, sent to his ex. 




And the second text, which is about a blatant booty-call: 



His girlfriend threw all of his stuff in the back of her trunk, along with the printed out copies of the texts and to him show him.   


Here’s how he reacted after getting caught:



And then she tweeted this:




Way to teach the POS a lesson, Ashleyooo. You’ll bounce back in no time. Now enjoy that birthday cake ice cream.

Vodka is pretty awesome too.