Thirsty Girls On Twitter Are VERY Jealous Of Jordan Spieth’s Girlfriend

Jordan Spieth is 21-years-old and has a green Masters Jacket. When I was 21, I barely had a $150 in my bank account and once played dizzy bat on Cinco De Mayo with a bucket margaritas before passing out on the front lawn of my college house. Spieth’s life is much more put together than most can dream of at that age.

As we told you earlier, he also has a hot girlfriend, Annie Verret who just graduated Texas Tech.

On Twitter, Bros and girls are tweeting their reaction to that news. Bros are all like “hell yeah, Jordan Spieth. Get ’em, buddy.”

Girls, on the other hand, are tweeting about how crazy jealous they are that he has a girlfriend. The thirst is very, very real.

I wonder how many wanted to date him last week?

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