Sex Bucket List? — This Hotel In Peru Is Just Glass Pods Above A 400-Foot Cliff

Heights are terrifying to some, thrilling to others. If you aren’t afraid of heights and need a vacation, consider a trip to the Peruvian Andes where you can spend the night in a new novelty hotel called Skylodge. It’s located near the city of Cuzco, dangling 400 feet on the side of a cliff of a mountainous area known as “the Sacred Valley.”

The hotel is literally just glass capsules hanging on the side of the cliff. It’s accessible via a hair-raising ladder and zip-wire system, according to the company website:

Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Cusco, we have created an amazing “mountain adventure” for people without any experience. You can try our 7 zipwires (ziplines) or climb a rock face with the via ferrata and then zipline the mountain. Or better, imagine one night at 400 mt closer to the stars, in Skylodge Adventure Suites.

The Via Ferrata is a type of steel ladder and cable system to climb up the 300 meter cliff face. To descend you have the option of a rappel or by means of 7 interconnected Zip Lines. The two activities can be experienced separately or as a combination for a full day adventure.

Let’s be honest here: You know you want to bone in one of the Skylodge pods/hotel rooms. Having sex suspended 400-feet in the sky is a bucket list item for the ages. Think of the hormone rush! Imagine the thrill of testing just how “safe” those suspension cables are during coital thrusts! That’s a dopamine high that will never be topped.

So consider bringing a fuck buddy to the Skylodge, k? The entire experience starts at around $300 a night, according to Mpora, so might as well get as much bang for your buck.

[H/T: Mpora]

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