Glorious Karma Has Left George Zimmerman Homeless, Millions in Debt

Who ever said bad things don’t happen to bad people?

George Zimmerman (of killing an unarmed teenager fame) went on Univision recently to talk about his post-Trayvon Martin struggles, one of which is still being alive. From the New York Daily News:

He told [the] station he is now homeless, battling post-traumatic stress disorder, more than $2 million in debt and lives in fear for his life.

Look, I don’t wish ill upon anyone, but this strikes me as karma in action. Especially since he uses the interview to again defend his actions.

“In my mind and between God and me … I know that if I did not act the way I acted … I would not be here.”

Right. But what about if you’d acted differently when—you know—a 911 operator told you to stop following Martin? What about that?

And now, because of those selfless actions which saved his own life (and not the life of another person), he fears for his own safety.

Zimmerman said he now lives in fear that his life is in danger. He has worn a bullet proof vest and follows a safety plan when he goes out in public.

You should have taught that plan to Martin. But the kicker of all this is that he claims he doesn’t know why this is happening to him.

“Honestly, I [would] love to live a calm life without being in the press. I’d like [to be treated like] any American citizen — have a ticket … or an argument … [and] not have everyone aware … But that … that’s my life and I do not understand why that is, but I’m living my life as I have always lived, “

That’s just… astounding. I don’t know why, either. But my hunch is that it’s because of the murder.

[Screenshot via Univision]