God Trolls Westboro Baptist Church Leader Fred Phelps by Killing Him

Fred Phelps—the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church and all in all a loathsome human being—has died at the age of 84 according to his son, Tim. Phelps’ daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper also confirmed the news of her father’s death, however at least one family member seemed to dispute his siblings’ report, telling a Kansas news station, “Pastor Phelps is doing just fine.” But that may have been a coded “spiritual” reference.

Phelps died at a hospice in Topeka, Kansas. It’s possible his last days weren’t great: in August of 2013 Phelps was excommunicated from the WBC after calling for kinder treatment of fellow church members. The “God Hates Fags” crowd found this sentiment weak, and Phelps was barred from any involvement with the church he founded. (By his own daughter no less.)

Destroyed by the shit he created. It’s almost poetic.

Anyway, don’t plan on picketing a funeral. The WBC says it does not hold memorial services for its dead, and Phelps died without any allegiance anyway, so family members will probably keep his burial relatively quiet.

Watching Brick Stone troll-fests will have to suffice here.